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Reliability and competence: these are merits which SANIT-CHEMIE stands for.

SANIT-CHEMIE has been for decades synonymous with very efficient and at the same time cost-effective products for professionals in sanitary branch. In our modern laboratories we develop top-quality products, which are absolutely environment-friendly and make work much easier. Our products comply with all legal regulations, of course. They meet all standards needed for secure and effective application. Our employees in the office as well as our field crew are always ready to support you. Continuous consulting service for our distribution and trade partners is a self-evident part of our supply. We are an owner-managed company. So we can quickly respond to individual demands and solutions of our customers and can support our partners in the optimal way.

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Our range of goods

Products for building and plumbing sector

Developed by professionals for professional use.
Products for building and plumbing sector by SANIT-CHEMIE are very efficient and provide for fast installation, perfect protection and optimal way of working. We always offer the best solutions for respective application areas.


Due to the new Drinking Water Ordinance our most important resource has become to a very important issue. We take care that pipes remain free and clean. This can be easily reached with proper professional solutions. SANIT-CHEMIE meets the highest demands on hygiene. Always for the sake of our environment, of course.

Bathroom/ Kitchen/ WC

High-value equipment in bathroom, kitchen or sanitary areas demands special cleaning and care. SANIT-CHEMIE has developed superb products for respective application areas. Our professional cleaners offer maximal care and optimal protection.

Products for heating protection

Only clean boilers work cost-effective and environmentally sound. Even minimal deposits in boilers increase fuel use up to 15%. Professionals know this and take care of optimal burning.
The established products of SANIT-FAUCH brand have been specifically developed
for all breakdowns which heating engineers experience daily. Also hear we offer professional quality for professionals - a perfectly balanced range of very effective chemical agents.

Waterless urinals

Look ahead and using our waterless urinals make your contribution to sustainable and environmentally-friendly handling of our most precious resource – water.

Biological products

Biological cleaners from SANIT-CHEMIE use natural microorganisms for neutralization of bad smells and deep cleansing. Bad smells arise by reason of bacteria, which feed on organic contamination. We also use bacteria. In contrast to bad smell producers our bacteria are useful. They feed on organic contamination as well, but set only odourless substances like water or oxygen free. Without food bad smells producers disappear. As well as bad smells.

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